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Must-have items when traveling to Southeast Asia countries

Whether you purchase them locally or bring them from home, you’ll certainly want each of these items with you: Sunscreen: Prices are essentially the same that you’ll find at home. Sunglasses: They’ll probably take some abuse, so cheap sunglasses are best. Mosquito Repellent: Dengue fever is a serious problem throughout Thailand. Mosquito coils can be

What to Pack for Your Trip to Thailand

There isn’t any single Thailand packing list that is perfect for everyone. Varied budgets, destinations, trip durations, and travel styles create different packing situations. No matter your style, bringing too much is a sure way to put a damper on the trip. Avoid blowing your funds on useless travel gadgets and use this list to get

A Word on the Thai Language

Thankfully for English speaking travelers, Thailand and most of Southeast Asia are actually very easy to get around with little or none of the local language. Many people in Bangkok and other cities speak at least some English. With that said, the more you know coming in, the better, so be prepared. There will be

Money Saving Tips in Vietnam

Eat delicious street food – The food is usually excellent, really cheap and you can watch it being cooked in front of you. Stick to the local food and you’ll save money. The street-side pho, bread, meat sandwiches (called bahn mi), donuts, and bananas are your best deals all of which can be found around

Top 5 Travel Tips for Vietnam

Vietnam had been on the travel wish-list for some time. From the natural beauty of Sam Mountain and Halong Bay to the manmade artistry of the sacred temples and pagodas, to the rice terraces and beaches, Vietnam has a lot to offer travelers. Vietnam has suffered a long dark history of colonialism, communism, war, and poverty. Recently,